Food Safety

Guide to buying and eating fish

Some types of fish and shellfish contain mercury. Mercury is a toxin that is harmful to our bodies. Mercury exposure is especially harmful during fetal and childhood development because it can affect the brain and nervous system. Carefully choose fish that are low in mercury. Toronto Public Health's "Guide to Eating Fish for Women, Children and Families" provides clear advice about eating fish for:

  • women who could become pregnant
  • teenage girls
  • pregnant women
  • breastfeeding women
  • children

Learn which fish are highest in omega-3 fats, lowest in mercury and how often you can eat them. Also, learn which fish are the best choice for the environment.

Guide to Eating Fish for Women, Children and Families (PDF file size 1.5MB)

The information is also available in a number of other languages.

Download this wallet-sized guide to help you choose fish when you go shopping.

Guide to Buying Fish For Women, Children and Families (PDF)
Also available in French (PDF)

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