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Electrolysis - Infection Prevention and Control

What do I need to do before I begin electrolysis?

  • Record the client’s name, address, telephone number, date and type of procedure and the name of the person providing the service. Keep client and accidental exposure records on-site for at least one year and on file for at least five years.
  • Always clean your hands before putting on single-use disposable gloves and after removing gloves.
  • A new pair of single-use disposable gloves must be worn for each client.
  • Clean the area of the skin with an approved antiseptic such as 70% isopropyl alcohol. Use a disposable swab.
  • Clean and disinfect worktables, headrests and chairs. Use a low-level disinfectant between clients.

Can I re-use the electrolysis needles if it's on the same person?

  • No. Never re-use or save needles, even for use on the same client. Needles cannot be given to clients to take home.
  • Use only pre-packaged and sterile needles.
  • Packaging for sterile needles should be in good condition and sterile needles should be used before the expiry date, if one is printed.
  • All needles must be discarded immediately into an approved sharps container after use. Sharps containers cannot be discarded with regular garbage.
  • Keep records for the needles that are purchased pre-packaged and sterile for a minimum of five years.

What do I need to know if I remove ingrown hairs?

  • Pre-packaged, sterile needles are recommended to remove ingrown hairs. Needles should be discarded immediately after use into an approved sharps container.
  • If a tweezer is used to remove hair that does not go below the skin it must be cleaned and disinfected between clients. The tweezer must be immersed in an intermediate-level disinfectan, such as 70% isopropyl alcohol for 10 minutes.
  • If a tweezer is used to remove ingrown hairs and it goes below the skin, it must be cleaned and sterilized between clients. An autoclave must be used to sterilize the tweezer. Pre-packaged, sterile needles are recommended to remove ingrown hairs.
  • If a tweezer is used to hold a needle, it must be cleaned and disinfected between clients. Use a high-level disinfectant.

What do I need to do with the epilator needle (probe) holder and the cord?

  • The removable tip (cap) of the epilator needle holder must be cleaned and disinfected after each client. Use a high-level disinfectant.
  • Since the epilator cord may come in contact with the client’s treated skin, protect the cord with a non-absorbent single-use disposable cover. Change the cover between clients or clean and then disinfect the cord between clients. If you choose to clean and disinfect use a disinfectant such as 70% isopropyl alcohol.

Do I need to give aftercare instructions?

  • Yes. Every client should be told and receive written information on how to care for their skin after the service and what they should do if their skin becomes red, swollen or uncomfortable.

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