Urban Design Awards

2001 City of Toronto, Architecture and Urban Design Awards

Award of Excellence – Buildings
The Isabel Bader Theatre
Address: 93 Charles St. West
Architect: Lett/Smith Architects
Owner: Victoria University
Award of Excellence – Buildings
Ways Lane Residence
Address: 1 Ways Lane
Architect: A.J. Diamond, Donald Schmitt and Company
Owner: Claire Ironside
Honourable Mention – Buildings
Meeting Place
Address: 588 Queen St. West
Architect: Levitt Goodman Architects
Landscape Design Company: Perennial Gardens
Artists: Scott Childs, Steve Marshal & Beth Halstead
Owner/Developer: Saint Christopher House
Honourable Mention – Buildings
Sackville Infill Housing
Address: 298 Sackville St., B & C
Architect: Baird Sampson Neuert Architects Inc.
Owner/Developer: James Lorimer
Honourable Mention – Buildings
Address: 20 Niagara St.
Architect: Wallman Clewes Bergman Architects
Landscape Architect: James Floyd
Developer: Cohen & Alter Developments
Honourable Mention – Elements
Prince Arthur Arch
Address: 38 Avenue Rd.
Architect: Page + Steele Architects / Planners Incorporated
Landscape Architect: Ferris + Quinn Associate Inc.
Owner/Developer: Minto Corporation
Award of Excellence – Large Places Or Neighbourhood Designs
Upper East Side
Site: Pape Avenue and Mortimer Avenue
Architect: Wallman Clewes Bergman Architects
Landscape Architect: Corban and Goode Landscape Architects and Urbanists
Developer: Cohen & Alter Developments
Honourable Mention – Student Projects
Land Shift
Site: Toronto Port Lands
Designer: Peter H. North, University of Toronto

Honourable Mention – Student Projects
Site: Toronto Port Lands
Designer: Bryce Miranda, University of Toronto
Award Of Excellence – Visions And Master Plans
Investing in the Landscape: University of Toronto, St. George Street Campus Open Space Master Plan
Designer/Planner/Architect/Landscape Architect: Urban Strategies Inc., Lead Consultants and Taylor Hariri Pontarini Architects with Corban and Goode Landscape Architecture and William Greer, Heritage Consultant
Owner: University of Toronto
Honourable Mention – Visions and Master Plans
College Street Creative Landscape for Making a Living
Site: College Street (Bathurst Street to Spadina Avenue)
Architect/Urban Designer:
Brown and Storey Architects
Harbord Village Residents Association (HVRA)

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General Jury Comments

The jury was very impressed by the great variety in projects and the generally high quality of submissions. They were, however, disappointed that there were not more submissions for open spaces, landscapes and projects with a specific focus on environmental sustainability.

The jury was looking for projects that made a particular contribution to their neighbourhood or urban district, especially, projects that set a great model or precedent and that could have wider application to other sites.

The jury put an emphasis on urban design, and recognized submissions that clearly described not only the details of the project, but the characteristics of the context. The jury decided, as policy, to make final decisions on Awards and Honourable Mentions only after visiting projects to more fully assess their excellence in their context.

The jury noted that too many projects were submitted without sufficient contextual information. In an effort to clarify the contribution to urban design, the criteria for award submission should be modified in the future to include site context maps with a specific description of how the project helps make a better street, neighbourhood or district.

The jury lamented the fact that there were not more great projects submitted from areas outside of the downtown core (old Etobicoke, North York, York, East York, Scarborough).

The jury applauds the City of Toronto for its Campaign for Beautiful Places, and feels that programs like the Architecture & Urban Design Awards will set good examples for designers, as well as provide encouragement to clients.

The jury recognizes many healthy trends with these awards. There is a range of options and choices in housing - from small-scale (Ways Lane Residence) to large-scale (Prince Arthur Arch) projects, from low-rise (Sackville Infill Housing) to mid-rise (Twenty), from conventional unit plans and dimensions (Upper East Side) to open-plan loft units (Twenty). This variety provides a wide range of choices for individuals and non-disruptive options for the collective consciousness.

There is a commitment to excellence in the quality of open spaces in urban context, as evidenced by the University of Toronto Open Space Master Plan and the College Street Plan.

The student work is grappling with real-life urban issues, with a multi-layered consciousness.

The jury suggests that the City consider conducting the urban design awards program every two years, in order to allow a greater volume of new work to be assembled.

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