Shelter, Support and Housing Administration

Daily Shelter Census

November 13, 2017

To meet increasing demand for shelter, the City has been adding beds to existing programs, opening new shelter programs, and expanding motels and shelter services, mainly for families. Current numbers show 1,288 more beds than were available November 1, 2016, including 935 beds added since that time to motel programs.

Shelter sectorOccupancyCapacityOccupancy rate
Co-ed 393 405 97%


1815 96%
Women 723 737 98%
Youth 510 518 98%
Family (shelters) 805 805 100%
Family (motels)


1305 93%
Total 5,386 5,585


The Out of the Cold program opened November 1, 2017 and runs until April 15, 2018. These spaces are not currently part of Shelter Management Information System real-time reporting. Out of the Cold occupancy for November 13 was 25 out of a capacity of 25 with one site open.

Figures show average nightly occupancy by month in all City of Toronto permanent emergency shelter programs. Statistics are from the Shelter Management Information System which was in use throughout the system by Jan 2011. These numbers do not include Out of the Cold programs.