Permits & Rentals

Gymnasiums & Multipurpose Rooms

Gymnasiums and rooms are booked in 1 hour blocks for the season or on a one-time use basis for tournaments, special events and social gatherings.

Permit Information

Application Deadline:

4 times per year for seasonal permits, as required for one-time bookings and tournaments.

Permit Season:

Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer - dates dependent on the facility

Facility Listings:


The City of Toronto allocates permit time on a priority basis according to group classifications; the Permit Allocation Policy defines this process.

If you wish to book a gymnasium or a multipurpose room at a recreation centre, contact the centre directly to apply for a permit. You will need to fill out the following forms and return them to the recreation centre:

For seasonal bookings, also include a completed Seasonal Application, and submit your package to the recreation centre.

For special events, and other one-time bookings, complete a One-Time Use Application, and submit your package to the permit office.