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Lottery Licences

Eligible charitable, religious and non-profit organizations may be licensed to conduct lotteries.

The City licenses:

  • Raffles with prizes up to $50,000
  • Bingos with a prize board up to $5,500
  • Break Open Tickets
  • Lottery Events at a Bazaar

All other types of lottery licences are issued by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO)


Eligible Organizations

Your organization may be eligible if it:

  • Has been in existence for at least one year
  • Has provided charitable community services consistent with the goals and activities of the organization for at least one year in Toronto
  • Proposes to use the proceeds for charitable programs and services that benefit Toronto and its residents
  • Assumes full responsibility for the conduct and management of the lottery event


  • An individual is not eligible for a lottery licence
  • An organization conducting bingo must provide a minimum of 3 bona fide members

Types of Licences

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A raffle is a lottery where tickets are sold for a chance to win a prize at a draw.

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Break Open Tickets

Break open tickets are instant win tickets. The City licenses organizations to sell Break Open Tickets at legions, hospitals and variety stores.

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Lottery Events at a Bazaar

A bazaar is an event where goods are sold and gaming events take place, such as raffles, bingos and wheels of fortune.

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Municipal Approval

The City's permission is required for organizations applying to sell tickets in Toronto for a raffle licensed in another municipality, or for a provincial lottery licence issued by the AGCO.

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