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Program Descriptions

Young woman swimming in outdoor pool

Leisure Swim
Leisure swims are open to everyone, whether you are an advanced swimmer or if you're still wearing your arm floats. No pressure to perform or swim fast -- everyone is welcome to drift lazily and enjoy a comfortable swim. These swims are an ideal time for people of all ages to play in an aquatic setting.

Lane Swim
Enjoy a refreshing swim in a more focussed and controlled atmosphere. During lane swimming, the pool is divided up into lanes so that determined swimmers can benefit from a structured environment and concentrate on their strokes. Lane swimming is an excellent fitness activity that minimizes the risk of injury that is associated with some land exercises. For safety reasons, no children are permitted on the deck during this swim.

Preschool Swim
Preschool swim is the perfect opportunity to give those young ones their very first splash in the water. This swim is specifically designed for preschoolers and their caregivers only (maximum two preschoolers per adult). For your children’s safety, caregivers must remain within arms reach of their preschoolers at all times. Please note that pool use may be restricted to tot pool or shared areas of the main pool.

Family Swim
Family swim is a quieter time compared to regular Leisure swim, set aside for families to enjoy the pool together. This provides quality bonding time between parents and their children to enjoy the water together. Please be aware that children must be accompanied by a parent/caregiver.

Parks, Forestry & Recreation strives to assist residents in their quest for healthy, active lifestyles. We are proud to offer a wide variety of water/aqua fitness programs. Aquafit is an excellent water workout to aid with the development of cardiovascular and respiratory fitness, while providing multiple benefits toward achieving greater overall health. Aquafit enables participants to work at their own pace and ability level as part of the group. Choose classes that will best help you to achieve your personal fitness goals. Proper bathing attire is required. All classes are co-ed unless otherwise indicated. Participants are advised to consult a doctor before enrolling in any aqua fitness program. The minimum age for our adult classes is 19 years. Please note that instructors may utilize equipment to enhance any of the classes.

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