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Two people walking on trail in Sun Valley

Toronto has five watersheds with an extensive natural environment trail network for hiking biking and exploring. Trails wind through woods, across wildflower meadows and along rivers, wetlands and ponds. They are a great way to experience nature, enjoy Toronto's urban forest and see wildlife - herons, hawks, deer, rabbits, muskrats and butterflies to name a few. Before you head out on the trails, take a quick peek at our Natural Environment Trail Code of Conduct.


Explore Toronto's Trails

Cottonwood Flats

Cottonwood Flats

Cottonwood Flats is one of Toronto's many natural areas and the latest to be restored. It has a rich and varied history. Its industrial heritage dates back to the early 1800s when a water channel was constructed as part of a 'mill race' to power a local mill.

Crothers Woods

Crothers Woods

Crothers Woods is a 52-hectare mature maple-beech-oak woodland located in the Don River valley. Many trees in Crothers Woods are more than a century old, with parts of the forest remaining in much the same condition as it was before European settlement.

Glen Stewart Ravine Wooden Stairway

Glen Stewart Ravine

Glen Stewart is an 11 hectare ravine with a wide diversity of plant and bird life. Fed by clean ground water from Ames Creek, the ravine forest is dominated by red oak and red maple. The site is also designated as an Environmentally Significant Area through the City's Official Plan.

Don Trail Main

Lower Don Trail

The Lower Don Trail is a 4.7 kilometre section of multi-use trail for pedestrians and cyclists that runs along the Don River, from Pottery Road to Corktown Commons.

Milkman's Lane

Milkman's Lane

The trail is well-used by hikers, dog-walkers, cyclists and joggers and connects the community to the Don Valley trail network and the Don Valley Brick Works. It has existed for over 130 years and was used historically by equestrians and for transportation of commercial goods.

Small's Creek in Merrill Bridge Road Park

The Parks of Small's Creek

Small's Creek once ran through the east end of Toronto, originating near Danforth Avenue and Woodbine Avenue. It emptied into Small's Pond, along with two other now-lost rivers – Tomlin's Creek and Tiny Cairns Brook – in what is now Orchard Park.

Sun Valley Path

Sun Valley

Sun Valley was used as a landfill for many years until its closure in 1965. Beneath the ground, waste is compacted 20 to 25 meters deep throughout the site’s 8.4 hectares. After the landfill was closed, the area was covered over with topsoil and allowed to revert to a naturalized state.