West Queen West

West Queen West HCD Study Phase

The West Queen West (WQW) Heritage Conservation District (HCD) Study was prioritized by Toronto City Council at its meeting of March 31, 2015. The City of Toronto's City Planning Division initiated the WQW HCD Study, engaging the consultant team led by FGMDA Architects in March 2016 to conduct the study. 

Queen Street emerged as a commercial high street in the mid-19th century and remains a vibrant commercial street in Toronto. The purpose of the WQW HCD Study is to identify and assess the cultural heritage values and attributes of the study area; to determine if an area or areas within the study area merit protection under Part V of the Ontario Heritage Act as an HCD; and to recommend a strategic approach to ensure the long-term conservation of the study area's heritage resources for future generations.  

Upon completion of the HCD study, staff will prepare a report to the Toronto Preservation Board, and advisory comprised of seven citizens appointed by City Council. 

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The WQW HCD Study is being conducted concurrently with the WQW Planning Study. For more information on the WQW Planning Study, click here.


West Queen West HCD Working Group

The WQW HCD Study Area stretches from Bathurst Street to Roncesvalles Avenue and encompasses a 3.5 kilometre stretch of Queen Street West. The study area crosses three diverse City Wards (Wards 14, 18 and 19) and includes a mix of commercial, residential and institutional uses that includes a vast group of community stakeholders.

A Working Group has been formed, comprising a broad cross section of the community, including residents, business owners, land owners and community organizations. The Working Group will provide local expertise and advise the project team throughout the HCD study to ensure the range of perspectives and priorities in the community are reflected in the study and its recommendations. 

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West Queen West HCD Study Area Boundary

The WQW HCD Study Area comprises all properties fronting onto Queen Street West between Roncesvalles Avenue and Bathurst Street and intersects three City Wards and several Toronto neighbourhoods.

The WQW HCD Study will examine the character and appearance of the study area including buildings, structures, and other features to determine the most appropriate approach to conserving its heritage resources. Should a HCD be recommended for an area (or areas) within the study area, boundaries of any potential HCDs will be recommended as part of this HCD Study -- the recommended boundaries of a potential HCD may be different from those of the study area.



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