Documents and Resources

Documents and resources for person with disabilities to assist with providing better service.

Parks Forestry and Recreation Policies & Resources

New Accessible Customer Service Standard Public Guide

The City of Toronto strives at all times to provide equal treatment and equitable benefits of City services, programs and facilities in a manner that respects the dignity and independence of people with disabilities.

Getting Services Right for Torontonians with Disabilities (PDF)

Getting Services Right - Executive Summary (PDF)

A study that resulted in 46 comprehensive recommendations that staff have been implementing since 2008.

Natural Environment Trail Strategy

The Natural Environment Trail Strategy will help guide and inform future trail planning initiatives that will assist in the protection of the City of Toronto's natural areas.

Parks Plan

The Parks Plan aims to connect people and communities with parks, advance greening and environmental sustainability, improve the quality of parks, and strengthen the parks system as a legacy for Toronto.

Recreation Service Plan

The plan aims to increase overall participation in recreation, decrease barriers to recreation and improve local geographic access.

Strategic Forest Management Plan

This plan identifies the efforts required to achieve a healthy, sustainable urban forest with the goal of providing 40% canopy cover.

Recreation Programs and Registration

We have a multitude of exciting programs for all ages. Whether you are looking for swimming, fitness, skating, skiing, arts and crafts or dance we have something for everyone.

Welcome Policy - Financial Aid for Low Income Families

The City of Toronto's Welcome Policy provides a fee subsidy to help low income individuals and families who live in Toronto access City-operated recreation programs.

Parks & Trails Map - West (PDF)

Parks & Trails Map - East (PDF)

The map was updated 2009 based on feedback from people with disabilities, a committee comprised of City employees from Parks, Forestry and Recreation as well as from other departments and an accessible trails expert from our Division's Disability Steering committee.

City of Toronto Accessibility Policies & Resources

City of Toronto's Multi-Year Accessibility Plan

The City's Multi-Year Accessibility Plan outlines the overall strategies of how the City will meet accessibility standards in four key areas. The plan covers the period from 2012 - 2016. It is a living document which will be reviewed and updated once every 5 years.

Customer Service Policy Statement

The City of Toronto is committed to building an inclusive society and providing an accessible environment in which all individuals have access to the City's services and programs in a way that respects the dignity and independence of people with disabilities.

Equity Diversity and Human Rights

The Equity, Diversity and Human Rights division ensures that the City's services, programs and policies are responsive to the needs of Toronto's diverse communities.

Toronto's Accessibility Design Guidelines

The Accessibility Design Guidelines include best practices which can be used by all sectors to conduct accessibility audits and to plan for barrier-free development in the physical environment.

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