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Injury Prevention

Every 30 seconds someone visits an emergency department in Ontario due to an injury. Approximately 95% of all injuries are both predictable and preventable. By recognizing unsafe environments, conditions and behaviours, most injuries can be prevented.

There is much we can do as individuals, families and caregivers to avoid injury and reduce the burden of injury.


Stop a fall before it happens

Fall Prevention E-Learning Module

Are you caring for an older adult? Take this Step Ahead to Fall Prevention E-Learning Module to learn about age-related changes and the modifiable risk factors associated with falling.

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Injuries are Predictable and Preventable

Child in a booster seat in a car

Car Seats

Information on car seat safety and the installation of car seats.

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Fall Prevention

Information on how to prevent fall and injuries in children and older adults.

Adult and two children riding bicycles

Sports and Recreation Safety

Information for parents and caregivers about preventing injuries to children who participate in sports and recreational activities.

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Pedestrian Safety

Information for the parents and caregivers about road safety, walking safety and traffic rules.