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2779, 2781 Yonge Street and 15-17, 19-21 Strathgowan Avenue

The original development proposal was submitted on February 21, 2013. The latest revised proposal was submitted on November 7, 2014.  The rezoning and rental housing demolition application is to demolish the existing buildings and redevelop the lands with a 10 storey 31.75 metre high residential building with ground floor commercial uses and 161 residential units (133 condominium units and 28 rental replacement units).  The proposed gross floor area is 14,371 square metres resulting in a proposed density of 5.6 FSI.

The ground floor along Yonge Street includes retail space. The residential entrance and lobby is located along Stathgowan Avenue.

A new one-way driveway is proposed from Yonge Street to Strathgowan Avenue for garbage and service vehicles. Access to the parking garage is from Strathgowan Avenue. A total of 178 parking spaces is proposed in 3 levels of underground parking (126 residential spaces and 52 commercial spaces). 

Official Plan

The site is designated Mixed Use Areas in the Official Plan which permits residential uses and a broad range of commercial uses including retail uses.  The site is also identified as an Avenue on the Urban Structure Map 2.  Avenues are considered growth areas in the Official Plan.  The Plan indicates that Avenues are important corridors along major streets where reurbanization is anticipated and encouraged to create new housing and job opportunities.  

In 2010, City Council adopted the Avenues and Mid-Rise Buildings Study, which provides guidelines for the design and development of mid-rise buildings along portions of the City's Avenues, including this site.

The Official Plan also includes policies that encourage the provision of a full range of housing and the protection of rental housing units. Under this policy the existing rental units are required to be replaced as part of any redevelopment of this site.

Zoning By-law

The site is zoned Mixed Use District MCR T3.0 C0.5 R3.0 under Toronto Zoning By-law 438-86.   The MCR zoning permits a wide range of commercial and residential uses including apartment buildings, with a maximum density of 3.0 FSI., and the zoning has a maximum height limit of 18.0 metres.

The Rental Housing Demolition and Conversion By-law

The Rental Housing Demolition and Conversion By-law (885-2007), contained in Chapter 667 of the City's Municipal Code, implements the City's Official Plan policies protecting rental housing. The By-law prohibits demolition or conversion of rental housing units without obtaining a permit from the City issued under Section 111 of the City of Toronto Act, 2006. 

Revised Submission (November 7, 2014)


Revised Submission (July, 2014)


Initial Submission