The Trap, Neuter Return Program for Feral Cats

Volunteers needed for Toronto's Trap, Neuter, Return program

The Toronto Feral Cat Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) Coalition, was formed in May 2010 by  community groups working together to address the feral cat problem in Toronto.

Who is in the TNR Coalition?

These groups include: Toronto Animal Services, Toronto Humane Society, Animal Alliance, Toronto Cat Rescue, Annex Cat Rescue, Community Cats Toronto and the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

About the Coalition

The overall goal of the coalition is to implement strategic Trap Neuter Return programs throughout Toronto, resulting in a reduction in the feral cat overpopulation in the GTA and improvement in the welfare of homeless cats. This city-wide coalition model approach to TNR is recognized as the most effective strategy for managing feral cat populations (

To better support our community of caretakers, the TFCtnrC is seeking volunteers to help with our mandate. Training and mentorship is provided for new volunteers.

For more detailed information on the trap-neuter-return process please click here.

Volunteers are needed to:

  1. trap feral cats
  2. provide recovery space
  3. transport feral cats to veterinary clinics for sterilization and to recovery space after sterilization – usually on the same day
  4. transport feral cats from recovery space back to their colony

The TFCtnrC through our member group, the Toronto Feral Cat Project, will provide training for those interested in learning to trap feral cats and mentor trappers are provided for you to join to continue with your training. The ultimate goal is to place you on a list where the TFCtnrC could contact you to help with trapping of colony cats when needed.

About recovery space volunteers

For those interested in providing recovery space – the space would need to be temperature controlled to provide a comfortable environment that traps/carriers could be brought to for the cats to recover from sterilization surgery. Caretakers would visit the space twice daily to care for the cats – give food/water and clean. The cats would need to recover for a period of 1 to 7 days depending on the cat. They would then be removed and returned to their colony.

About transportation volunteers

The best vehicles for transporting feral cats are vans as they can house the traps more comfortably than a car, but you can use whatever vehicle you have. You would need to line your vehicle with a plastic tarp to keep it clean – the TFCtnrC may be able to provide assistance with this.

How to apply to volunteer for the Trap, Neuter, Return Program

Contact the following agencies to apply:

Thank you for sharing your time to take care of Toronto's cats!

Other types of volunteer opportunities

Other types of volunteer opportunities are also available, such as at shelters and to foster animals.  Learn more here.