Reports, Studies and Plans

Transportation Services Cycling Staff Reports

Cycling Infrastructure and Program staff write reports which are considered by the Public Works and Infrastructure Committee. These staff reports inform the decisions made by this committee.

Motions adopted at Committee are then be considered by City Council. Learn more about recent cycling network decisions made by City Council.

Toronto Cycling Network Plan

Toronto's City Council has approved a Cycling Network Ten Year Plan.  The opportunities for new Cycling routes and the infrastructure types proposed in the Plan have been identified based on public consultation, and the outcomes of a cycling impact analysis study.


Bike Counts

The City of Toronto conducts bike counts on an ongoing basis, to gather data about the amount of cycling traffic at different locations.


Queen Street West Bicycle Parking Study

New bike parking infrastructure was installed along Queen Street West, between Gladstone Avenue to Markham Street in 2013, as part of a bicycle parking study conducted by the Cycling Infrastructure and Programs Unit.


Cycling Statistics

Good data is essential to analyze the traffic patterns of all road users, and to ensure that cycling traffic is weighted accordingly when future directions for transportation planning choices are being considered.

Plans and Studies

Toronto Bicycle/Motor-Vehicle Collision Study (2003)

An analysis of all the motor-vehicle collisions involving cyclists that were reported to Police during a two-year period (1997-98), highlighting some of the the factors involved in the most frequent types of car/bike collisions.

Toronto Bike Plan (2001)

In 2001 Toronto's City Council adopted the Toronto Bike Plan.  This Plan establishes a vision for cycling in Toronto including a Network of Bikeways, Bicycle Parking, Transit integration, Safety and Education programs.