Gardiner Expressway

About the Gardiner Expressway

The Gardiner Expressway is a highway that runs for 18 kilometres across the City of Toronto from the Queen Elizabeth Way at Highway 427 to east of the Don Valley Parkway.  The road is owned by the City of Toronto.

The structure was built during the late 1950s and early 1960s.  It consists of 342 spans and 14 ramps.  The highway is named for the first chair of the now-defunct Metro Council, Frederick Gardiner.

Thousands of vehicles use the Expressway every day.  This is an interesting and exciting time for the Gardiner Expressway.

Like a lot of infrastructure in Canada, the expressway needs ongoing maintenance and repair.  The effects of weathering, salt and the impacts of thousands of vehicles on its surface every day has taken its toll.

In 2013, the City has embarked on a robust maintenance program to keep the roadway in a state of good repair.  Toronto City Council has endorsed a plan to spend more than $500 million on road rehabilitation work between 2013 and 2022.

In addition, the City is involved in an Environmental Assessment with Waterfront Toronto to help determine the future of the easterly section of roadway running from the Don Valley Parkway to Jarvis Street.

Keeping Toronto moving is important.  That is why additional funding has been requested to ensure that the Gardiner remains accessible and safe.

The Gardiner Expressway is a critical piece of transportation infrastructure and, with its connection with the Don Valley Parkway, is a significant component of our highway system.