Permits, Licences & Bylaws

Our Vision

Our vision, mission and values inspire us and provide guidance for continual improvement.

Vision: We envision a city in which all are fully engaged in an open and accessible local government

Mission: Our mission is to build public trust and confidence in local government

Our strategic directions

We strengthen democracy:

  • Make government understandable
  • Create meaningful opportunities for participation in government
  • Educate the public and City staff about democracy and government
  • Simplify and strengthen democratic processes

We improve openness and integrity of government:

  • Lead the organization to a more open culture
  • Make people, processes and information easily accessible
  • Educate and guide corporate partners in information management

We foster leadership:

  • Build awareness and understanding of our dynamic city and its communities
  • Anticipate changing needs and expectations
  • Support continuous improvement, engagement and accountability
  • Forge partnerships and collaborative approaches

We adapt and innovate:

  • Build our confidence and capacity to be flexible, challenge ourselves and try new things
  • Promote a positive, safe and healthy work environment
  • Learn, support each other, share knowledge and experiences
  • Plan, measure and communicate progress

Our shared values


  • We are proud to serve the people of Toronto
  • We take pride in high-quality public service
  • We value the public’s right to know about and participate in their local government
  • We are responsible with information, assets and resources to earn public confidence


  • We value mutual respect
  • We earn respect by showing respect
  • We are open to diverse ideas, beliefs and opinions
  • We build positive relationships through honesty, communication and teamwork


  • We practice integrity and responsibility in our actions
  • We conduct our business professionally and ethically
  • We understand our responsibilities and are accountable for our actions
  • We believe honesty and integrity are the foundation of trust


  • We are dedicated professionals and leaders
  • We are committed to continuous learning and improvement
  • We are proactive in anticipating customer needs


  • We are committed to service excellence
  • We are efficient, accurate and prompt in delivering services
  • We are helpful, courteous and knowledgeable