Cycling Network

Cycling Map

The Toronto Cycling Map is a great resource for planning your route to work, school, shopping, or simply to explore. 

Map information

The Toronto Bike Map is produced by the City of Toronto, and shows on and off-street bikeways, suggested routes and connections, bicycle locker, rental and shop locations, and other important information about cycling.

Toronto Bicycle Shops

Toronto has a number of bicycle specialty shops where you may buy a new bicycle or have your bicycle serviced.  View a list of Toronto's bicycle shops, including locations where you may rent a bicycle.


Ride the City

Ride the City is an online bike route planning tool.  Ride the City uses Cycling information, and user feedback to suggest bike routes.  Depending on your level of cycling experience, you may select on of three routes between your origin and destination, a safe, safer, or direct route.



These routes are generated by Ride the City, a private web service that uses the Toronto Bikeway Network to help cyclists plan cycling routes. Please report any problems you find with the route suggestions directly to Ride the City.

Cyclists are cautioned to follow all traffic laws and devices.  The City of Toronto assumes no responsibility for damages resulting from the use of routes suggested by the Bike Map or by data used by Ride the City. No warranty of accuracy or completeness is expressed or implied.