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Toronto History

People have lived in Toronto since shortly after the last ice age. The urban community dates to 1793 when British colonial officials founded the Town of York on what was then the Upper Canadian frontier. That village grew to become the City of Toronto in 1834, and through its subsequent evolution and expansion, Toronto has emerged as one of the most liveable and multicultural urban places in the world.

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Come Face to Face with Toronto's History

Every generation lives in a different Toronto. Someone lived in your home before you—who were they? What did a city street look like before cars and electric lights? What promises got a mayor elected in 1920? Did people really drink water straight from the lake? How did your community become part of the City of Toronto? Come explore the mysterious city that others lived in... at the City of Toronto Archives.

Toronto's Historical Artifact Collection Database

From its beginnings over a century ago Toronto's Historical Collection has grown to over 100,000 artifacts. Here you will find the first phase of an on-going initiative to showcase the Historical Collection online.

Museums Bring Toronto's History to Life

Discover Toronto's past at the City's Historic Museums through a wide range of programs, special events, exhibitions and workshops. These activities provide enriching entertainment for all ages while reminding residents and visitors of Toronto's exciting history.

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