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Toronto Strong Neighbourhoods Strategy 2020

Toronto Strong Neighbourhoods Strategy 2020

TSNS 2020 supports healthy communities across Toronto by partnering with residents, businesses and agencies to invest in people, services, programs and facilities in specific neighbourhoods. This will strengthen the social, economic and physical conditions and deliver local impact for city-wide change.

What's New

Partnership Opportunities Legacy Fund 2

UPDATED APPLICATION JANUARY 2017: The City will invest $12 million in Toronto’s neighbourhood improvement areas over the next four years. This investment will fund new facilities such as playgrounds, parks, basketball courts, and other infrastructure improvements.

Resident Advisory Group Call for Participation

The City of Toronto is seeking volunteers to participate on the Toronto Strong Neighbourhood Resident Advisory Group to advise on the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the strategy. The Resident Advisory Group will be made up of 1 volunteer from each of the Neighbourhood Improvement Areas and Emerging Neighbourhoods. Apply now!

TSNS 2020 Council Decisions

The Toronto Strong Neighbourhoods Strategy 2020 staff report is now available online. You can download the strategy using the following links:

Map of the NIAs (Neighbourhood Improvement Areas)

CD 18.4 Activating People, Resources and Policies: Progress on Toronto Strong Neighbourhoods Strategy 2020

CDRC Agenda Item CD27.5

Staff Report: Toronto Strong Neighbourhoods Strategy 2020 – Recommended Neighbourhood Improvement Areas

Appendix A: TSNS 2020 Neighbourhood Equity Index - Methodological Documentation

Appendix B: Neighbourhood Equity Scores for Toronto Neighbourhoods and Recommended Neighbourhood Improvement Areas

Appendix C: Public Consultation Results – Summary and Complete Notes

Strategy Development

What is the Strategy?

Learn more about the Toronto Strong Neighbourhood Strategy's history, where it is now, and where it will be going next.

How will neighbourhoods be selected?

In Spring 2014, City Council will choose which neighbourhoods will become Neighbourhood Improvement Areas, resulting from resident, business and agency consultations.