Toronto Green Standard

Tier 1 Checklist & Standards: Planning Application Requirements

Toronto Green Standard - Tier 1 Checklist and StandardsThe Toronto Green Standard (TGS) is a two-tier set of performance measures with supporting guidelines that promotes sustainable site and building design in new public and private development. Tier 1 is required and Tier 2 is a higher, voluntary level of performance with a financial incentive. The standards are designed to work with the regular development approvals and inspections process. Since January 31, 2010, new planning applications have been required to document compliance with Tier 1 environmental performance measures. TGS version 2.0 has been in effect since January 1, 2014. Certified Tier 2 projects may be eligible for a partial Development Charge Refund.


Standards, Checklists and Templates

Built Form ExampleApplications Received up to December 31, 2016Applications Received After January 1, 2017 

Low-Rise Residential

Low-Rise Residential

This is an image of low-rise residential townhouses

Applies to row and townhouses, up to 4 storeys with a minimum of 5 dwelling units.

Applies to row and townhouses, up to 4 storeys with a minimum of 5 dwelling units.


Mid to High-Rise Residential & ALL Non-Residential

Mid to High-Rise Residential & ALL Non-Residential

 This is an image of a mid to high rise mixed-use building.

Applies to residential apartment buildings 4 storeys and higher and all Industrial, Commercial and Institutional (ICI) developments.

Applies to residential apartment buildings 4 storeys and higher and all Industrial, Commercial and Institutional (ICI) developments.

Instructions for Using the Standards, Checklists and Templates

New planning applications including; Zoning By-law Amendment, Site Plan Control and Draft Plan of Subdivision submitted before December 31, 2013 apply the 2010 version of the TGS. Submissions made on or after January 1, 2014 apply V.2.0 of the TGS. The Checklist is part of a complete application.

Planning applications are required to meet and demonstrate compliance with Tier 1 of the Toronto Green Standard. Tier 2 of the TGS is a higher voluntary standard, verified during and after construction. Applications that target Tier 2 may be eligible for a Development Charge Refund

The standards are designed to work with the regular development approvals and inspections process. Compliance with Tier 1 of the TGS is verified on plans, drawings and in reports provided as part of your regular planning application submission. Documentation requirements are set out in A Development Guide. To help expedite the City's review of your application, ensure that the TGS Checklist is complete and clearly indicates the plans or reports in your planning submission each TGS performance measure is illustrated.

The TGS Checklist, Statistics Template, plans and reports work together to document compliance and are reviewed by City Divisions during the circulation process.

These documents are reviewed by City divisions prior to issuing planning approvals.

Toronto Green Standard Checklist

Complete the following three steps to demonstrate TGS compliance and to help expedite our review of your application:

1. Complete the TGS checklist that applies to your development type, in full, and submit the Checklist with your development application. Please include updated Checklists with each planning submission and a final Checklist with your final development application to City Planning. Include adequate detail about how each performance measure is addressed and where City staff can locate more information on plans, drawings and in reports.

2. Complete the TGS Statistics Template that applies to your development type. For Site Plan Control Applications complete the full Statistics template. For stand- alone Zoning By-law Amendment applications, only complete the statistics identified with an asterisk. Copy the completed Statistics Template directly onto the Site Plan or Statistics Plan submitted with your development application.

3. Ensure that the plans, drawings and reports submitted with your development application clearly demonstrate compliance with TGS performance measures and include adequate detailed notations and legends. Tier 1 must be met to receive Site Plan approval.

4. Your submission is reviewed by Urban Design, Urban Forestry, the Energy Efficiency Office, Transportation Services, Engineering and Construction and Environmental Planning (Tier 2 applications only).

Tips for TGS Site Plan Control Application Submissions 

  • Project Statistics Plans: Include completed TGS Statistics Template
  • Parking Plans, Site Plan: Include EV and long adn short-term bicycle parking spaces (number and locations)
  • Roof Plan: Include the Green Roof statistics template and green roof areas
  • Elevation Plans: Show Bird Friendly materials in legend and treatment details in the legend
  • Landscape Plans: Include trees planted and soil volumes. planting list should include native and drought tolerant species status, paving materials must include SRI values


  • Have you checked that your project statistics, TGS Statistics Template, TGS Checklist and the corresponding numbers shown on plans and drawings are all consistent? (e.g.short and long-term bicycle parking spaces)
  • Are TGS Tier 1 items easy to find and clearly noted on the drawings?
  • Have you submitted your Design Development Stage Energy Modelling Report?
  • Have you checked off the Tier 2 DC Refund box on the front page of the Checklist?

Energy Performance Targets

Planning applications submitted after January 1, 2014 are required to include a Design Development Stage Energy Report demonstrating 15% energy efficiency improvement over the Ontario Building Code (OBC). An as-constructed Energy Report demonstrating 25% improvement over the OBC is required for Tier 2 compliance.

See the Energy Report Terms of Reference and Guidelines for details on the report submission requirements.

The City's Energy Efficiency Office (EEO) will review the Energy Reports and determine if the buildings have been designed to achieve TGS energy requirements. Projects may be eligible for a financial incentive for the energy savings achieved in the fulfillment of the TGS requirements. The "High Performance New Construction"offers design assistance and substantial financial incentives for building owners and design decision makers who exceed the electricity efficiency specified in the OBC. This program is funded by the Ontario Power Authority and offered in Toronto by Toronto Hydro in partnership with the City of Toronto. To learn more visit:

Read more about energy savings in Toronto. Contact the Energy Efficiency Office  (416-392-1500) for more information.