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Wellbeing Toronto is a map visualization tool that helps evaluate community well-being across Toronto's neighbourhoods on a number of factors, such as crime, transportation and housing. This app allows you to select and combine a number of datasets that reflect neighbourhood wellness and have the results appear instantly on simple maps, tables and graphs. You can also view the location of schools, community centres, police stations and other facilities. Please read the short tutorial to get a better understanding of how to use the app.


Wellbeing Toronto has added 24 Youth Service Layers to the Reference Layers section. In conjunction with the new YouthTO Portal this provides a rich understanding of the many services available to youth in Toronto. 

Please take a moment to fill out our Feedback Survey. The results will assist in developing version 3.0 of Wellbeing Toronto.

Several experimental applications use Wellbeing Toronto indicators to provide more insight into the underlying data:

Wellbeing Toronto was last updated on May 8, 2016. 

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