Partnership to Advance Youth Employment (PAYE)


Dina's PAYE Story

"The hardest part for someone at the start of their career is getting that foot in the door; you knock on them, but they just won't open. PAYE is a program that helps open those doors, and helps you walk through them, however, what you do once inside is up to you."

Through PAYE, Dina participated in one-on-one coaching, employment preparation workshops and other PAYE events with employers; this led her to secure a temporary position at Deloitte. Although this role was not in her field of interest, during her four-month placement, she worked hard to impress her employers and at the end of her placement, she secured a one-year contract as a receptionist with Deloitte.

Working as a receptionist, she was able to meet staff at all levels, and clients of the firm, including those who worked in her field of interest. For Dina, having a positive attitude and the ability to see everything as an opportunity guided her to her destination. She now works in a permanent marketing role at Deloitte surrounded by other great people who inspire her to shine.

Although she admits that this final destination was hard to imagine when she first started with PAYE, it was through PAYE that she is now living her dream.


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