Participatory Budgeting

Oakridge Voting Results 2015 and 2016

Projects selected through Participatory Budgeting are included in the City's Capital Budget and scheduled for design and construction within 18 months of the vote.

Each pilot area shortlisted 4–7 ideas for their PB ballot. Any pilot-area resident over the age of 14 could vote for one, two or three, but no more than three projects. Not all voters chose 3 projects.

To vote for a project, participants filled in a circle on the ballot next to the title of the project(s) they liked. They did not rank their votes – in other words they did not put a 1, 2 or 3 beside their choices to indicate which project they liked more than another.

City staff counted the number of votes cast for each project. The project with the most "filled in circles" beside their title was declared the winner, and the cost of that project was deducted from the available funds. The next most popular project that could be funded with any remaining dollars was then selected, and if there were any funds left, the next most popular project that could be fully funded with the remaining funds was selected.

No ideas are lost!  The projects on the ballot that are not chosen, and all of the ideas suggested at meetings and online, are shared with the local City Councillor and appropriate City division (such as Parks Forestry and Recreation or Transportation Services) so they can consider them for future funding.


2016 Participatory Budgeting Voting Results

Total Oakridge ballots: 75

Total Oakridge votes: 206 (residents could choose up to 3 projects on their ballot)

Available funds: $250,000

Performance stage in Oakridge Park (36 votes)

A covered performance space for community events and art programs. Space is limited in Oakridge Park so its location would be based on considerations such as available lighting and distance from homes due to noise.  


Mural on Pharmacy Ave underpass  (36 votes)

A painted mural would beautify space and images can  reflect cultures and history of local area to create pride, neighbourhood connections and  inspiration.  The exact location and images on mural would be determined through a community consultation coordinated by Street Art Toronto


Walking/running path in local park (30 votes)

Rubberized path in a park would encourage outdoor physical activity. The location and details would be determined in consultation with the community.


Upgrade Prairie Drive Park playground (19 votes)

Replace one of the existing swings with an accessible swing for children with limited mobility

Total cost: $250,000

The following projects were not selected in 2016, based on number of votes and/or available funds:

  • New lighting in Madelaine Park - $50,000 (25 votes)
  • Safer sidewalks on Pharmacy Avenue - $50,000 (25 votes)
  • Upgrade Oakridge Park splashpad - $250,000 (24 votes)
  • New sign at Oakridge Community Recreation Centre - $70,000 (11 votes)

2015 Participatory Budgeting Voting Results

Total Oakridge Ballots: 72

Total Oakridge Votes: 186

Available funds: $150,000 (City Council increased this amount to $250,000 for 2016 and 2017 projects)

Oakridge Park Lighting Improvements (50 votes)

Six more light posts will be installed in the North part of the park to help people feel safer when enjoying the park in the evening.


Prairie Drive Park Improvement Package (20 votes)

To improve Prairie Drive Park and make it more welcoming, the existing broken drinking fountain will be replaced by a water bottle filling station, three new light posts will be added so that the park can be enjoyed in the evening, as well as fitness benches to encourage people to get more active.


Total Cost


The following projects were not selected in 2015, based on number of votes and/or available funds:

  • Benches along Danforth Avenue - $90,000 (20 votes)
  • Pharmacy Bridge Beautification - $70,000 (20 votes)
  • New shaded area in Prairie Drive Park - $78,000 (19 votes)
  • Shaded community gathering place in Oakridge Park - $70,000 (46 votes)
  • Gateway to Teesdale beautification - $100,000 (11 votes)