Garbage & Recycling

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Curbside Collection Maps

Find out when your waste gets collected.

Curbside Collection Maps

Note: This tool is not for apartments or condos. Please speak with your superintendent or property manager about waste set-out for your building.

Daytime Collection

If you live in a house, single-family residence or small apartment/condo building and receive daytime curbside collection, you can find your collection schedule using the map below. If you need a printed calendar, please contact 311. 

 Daytime Collection Maps
  1. On the map below, click on district where you live.
  2. A second map with a close up view of your neighbourhood divided into collection zones will appear.
  3. Select your collection district. Note: check if there is a border alert notification in your area.

Trouble seeing the maps? District 1, District 2, District 3District 4


Night Collection (Main Road)

If you live in an apartment building (with nine units or more); or own a business/commercial location, you can find which collection schedule you are on, click on the map below, locate your property and the corresponding collection calendar.

Night Collection MapCollection Calendar

Note: Call out box information is translated in French.