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The Civic Improvement Program is a modest but high value-added capital program administered by Urban Design, City Planning that significantly enhances the on-going capital programs of other departments as well as Business Improvement Areas' initiatives and private sector city-building activities. Broadly speaking, civic improvement projects can be grouped into three general categories:

  1. Places - "Places" is a Project Theme defined by opportunities to create outdoors "rooms" or distinctive "locations" in the public realm that enhance the quality of the pedestrian environment.

  2. Routes - "Routes" is a Project Theme that focuses on the opportunities for urban design improvements to the major elements of the City's street system where vehicular and pedestrian volumes are greatest.

  3. Districts - "Districts" is an integrated Project Theme comprised of interconnected and interrelated areas and neighbourhoods. Many Districts are areas being revitalized through major planning and development initiatives that often include streetscape enhancement.

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Strategic Opportunities for Civic Improvement:

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Places: Browns Line at Lakeshore Blvd. - Before

Places: Browns Line at Lakeshore Blvd. - After

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