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Toronto's City Planning Division has launched a series of learning events called “Inside the Planners Studio.” These events will see experienced planners, planners new to the profession, and planners from cities around the world come together in conversations about:

  • key planning issues from a historical perspective,
  • innovative emerging ideas and research concepts, and
  • sharing expertise about how different cities have tackled complex planning issues currently facing Toronto.

Inside the Planners Studio is an opportunity to reflect on planning lessons from the past, and to learn how to leverage new ideas to plan for a better future.

The first event in the series:

Transit Planning, A Tale of Two Cities
April 30, 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.
Toronto City Hall, Council Chambers
100 Queen Street West, 2nd floor

Watch online

This event brings together both professional and practical wisdom from Toronto's most renowned transportation/transit gurus, as well as new ideas from Masters Students from York University:

  • Ed Levy, noted transportation planner in Toronto for more than 50 years, will be speaking about his new book chronicling 100 years of transit plans in Toronto and about his thoughts on Toronto’s future transit priorities. View presentation
  • Steve Munro, noted transit advocate and historian for more than 40 years, will be speaking about Toronto’s streetcar system, highlighting its glory days in the past to what role it will play in the future of Toronto’s transit system. View presentation
  • Graduate students from York University will be speaking about transportation and transit lessons learned from their recent trip to study in the City of Montpellier, France. View presentation