We're All Pedestrians

In 2005, the City of Toronto has launched a new advertising campaign to encourage both pedestrians and drivers to be careful on our roads. Following the success of the “Please Drive Carefully – We’re all Pedestrians” campaign in 2003/04, this campaign reinforces the theme that everyone needs to take care and be courteous as they make their way around Toronto. The posters are featured on transit shelters and Eucan bins throughout the city.




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Pedestrian Safety Statistics

  • Half of all traffic fatalities involve pedestrians.
  • Pedestrian Fatalities in 2004: 28
  • Pedestrian Fatalities in 2005: 12 (to August 31st)
  • More than 2,300 pedestrians are injured every year in traffic collisions (Average: six people/day).

The We’re All Pedestrians campaign, launched in 2003, is a multi-year safety and awareness campaign aimed at encouraging better driving habits (working in cooperation with Toronto Police Service).

In 2005, 220 posters appeared on transit shelters and 500 curb side garbage bins across the city for five weeks.

Also in 2005, the safety message has been produced on one streetcar which travels on various routes over a 12-week period.

In 2003 and 2004, 200 posters on the backs of buses, 190 transit shelter posters and posters on 250 curb-side garbage bins were displayed around the city for five weeks each fall.

Posters have also been placed in libraries, community centres, schools and other locations.

Transportation Services has an extensive program to make Toronto streets safer for pedestrians including:

High Reflective Yellow-Green School Crossing Signs

The city is replacing 3,500 school crossing signs with more visible signage that makes them easier to see during dawn and dusk

Watch Your Speed Program

Four speed display trailers are used throughout the city in neighbourhoods with a history of local speeding. A sign mounted on the trailer reminds motorists of the posted speed limit in the area while the radar unit measures the speed of approaching vehicles and displays this speed back to the motorist.

Pedestrian Crossover Review

Transportation Services is reviewing the use of each pedestrian crossover in the city to determine if it is the most suitable device for pedestrians and drivers at each location.

Pedestrian Collision Study

Transportation Services is conducting an in-depth study of pedestrian collisions to identify the most frequent causes and possible solutions to prevent them.

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