City of Toronto

Put waste in its place - no butts about it!

City of Toronto residents: congratulations on the fine job you’re doing at home to sort your waste material. Thanks for taking the time to separate your recyclables from garbage and for putting organics in the Green Bin. Here are some tips on how to extend those practices outside your home.

On the street reminders

Toronto has about 6,000 public space bins located throughout the city as part of the Street Furniture program. You’ve seen them in various places, often close to transit shelters, bordering parks and in public spaces. There are openings to take your garbage and recycling. Just step on the pedal to open the flap and toss your item in the correct place. Take a closer look. You may not have noticed there is another smaller opening dedicated to cigarette butts. Results from a 2012 litter study indicate there are still too many cigarette butts littering the ground. See them. Use them. Please.

Cigarette butts are litter. Litter costs. There’s a City of Toronto bylaw and fines apply if you’re caught discarding a cigarette butt onto city or private property. Cleaning up litter costs money too. No butts about it!

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