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Members of Toronto City Council - Meeting Attendance

This glossary of terms is listed for convenience to help users understand the terminology that has been used. For official definitions and procedure by-law information, refer to the City of Toronto Muncipal Code, Chapter 27, Council Procedures.

  • Committee – The name of the committee
  • MTG# - The meeting number for the committee
  • Session Date – Meetings are divided into sessions. Session date refers to the date of the session
  • Session Type – Meetings can be divided into sessions: Morning, Afternoon and Evening; Sessions types that are closed will have session type identified as "Closed"
  • Session Start - End Time – The Start and End time of the meeting's session. "Roll Call" indicates the specific time when the meeting chair requested a confirmation of members’ attendance to ensure quorum
  • Present – The indicator showing if the member was present for a meeting session or Roll Call. Y = Present, N = Not Present


The information generated in this report is specific to the selected Committee member for the selected term of Council. The report is generated on-request and may be modified to produce different results. Only elected officials are included in this report. The most recent data will be available within 24 hours of a meeting's Minutes being published; Result can be filtered by selected criteria.

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