Abandoned Bike Removal

As part of cleaning up the City, staff from the City's Transportation and Solid Waste Divisions will be removing abandoned bikes from streets and sidewalks across Toronto to create more space for those who wish to park their bicycles.


To assist in this effort, the city is asking residents to call 311 to report any bike that appears abandoned.  To help the City identify the abandoned bikes correctly, please identify the bike with as much information as possible including the colour of the bike frame, type of bike and its location.


Often, an abandoned bicycle has missing or damaged parts, flat or missing tires, and is in unusable condition.  If the bike has been locked to the same location for more than a month, it's likely abandoned and needs to be removed.


Bikes that are clearly abandoned will be removed immediately.  Where there is some question about whether a bike is abandoned, the City will place a notification on the bike that identifies the bike as "abandoned".  If a bike has been tagged in error and the owner does not want it to be removed, they should simply remove the tag and park the bike at a different location.  After 14 days notice, the City will remove any bicycles that still remain tagged.


The abandoned bike clean up, part of the City's spring cleanup program, is a component of the Clean Toronto Together program which also includes the removal of graffiti vandalism, cleanup days at schools and workplaces and community clean up days.

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