Demand Response


The Demand Response program is administered by the Independent Electricity Systems Operator (IESO) and pays participants to reduce electricity use at periods of peak electrical demand.

Program Types

Currently the City participates in two Independent Electricity System Operator Demand Response Programs:
  1. Capacity Based Demand Response Program
  2. Demand Response Auction Program
The Independent Electricity System Operator has developed a Demand Response Auction process that is designed to procure new Demand Response projects for 2016.  

What is the City’s Role?

The City has participated in the Province's Demand Response Program since 2012. The BBP works with City of Toronto Agencies, Commissions and Corporations to identify DR opportunities at City sites and works with an aggregator to manage site enrolment and program participation.

Staff from the Environment and Energy Division continue to develop a pipeline of potential Demand Response projects from City Agencies, Corporations and Divisions. 

Benefits of Demand Response Participation at the City of Toronto?  

-    New revenue streams
-    Optimization of City assets
-    Contributes to energy security and resiliency in the City of Toronto

City of Toronto DR Participation

DR client participation is through curtailment or onsite generation to reduce their electricity consumption during periods of peak electrical demand.
Number of Sites: 22
Enrolled Load: 6.79MW
Over $1.5 M in cumulative revenue