Sponsors and Philanthropists

Investing in the city's future

A growing number of organizations and philanthropists are investing in the future by contributing to Toronto’s parks, recreation facilities and urban forests. Often conducted in partnership with community groups, these investments pay long-term dividends for our quality of life.

Watch how one partner teamed up with Toronto Parks, Forestry and Recreation to help build community and achieve business objectives through a collaborative, volunteer-focused playground venture.

The partnership team at Parks, Forestry and Recreations helps organizations and individuals identify sponsorship and philanthropic opportunities that meet business and legacy objectives while providing measurable impact. We guide our partners through the intricacies of City administration to successful conclusions.

Philanthropic Donations

There are many ways to donate to individual projects, to projects undertaken by community groups working in partnership with Parks, Forestry and Recreation, or to donate to city-wide programs undertaken by the Division to improve the quality of life in Toronto while leaving a legacy.

Donations, including approved in-kind donations, may qualify for a charitable tax receipt. Donations must be made in accordance with the City of Toronto Donations Policy.

The City of Toronto is grateful to the many donors who have contributed to parks, recreation and forestry projects for the well-being of residents and the health of our ecosystem.

Canadian Tire donations cheque for $60,000


Corporations and foundations with a focus on corporate social responsibility are increasingly turning to Toronto Parks, Forestry and Recreation for successful partnerships. Our sponsors benefit from a variety of integrated marketing and promotional opportunities. See our Success Stories for recent examples.

Projects You Can Support

We connect philanthropists and sponsors with community projects and areas of need. Have a look at Projects You Can Support where donors and sponsors can make a long-lasting impact.

The list of opportunities is constantly evolving. Please contact us to pursue your interests. Call the main number at (416) 392-1018 or write

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