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TTC Ridership Analysis

This dataset measures first point of payment when boarding at the start of a journey using the TTC.





2016 - 1985

This matrix shows the number of riders recorded under each column from 1985 to 2016. Each figure should have three zeros after each number.

Add three zeros to the end of each number. 112,360 is actually 112,360,000 tokens received from riders.

Fare Media

This lists the different forms of fares (payment) accepted by the TTC.

Tokens, tickets, PRESTO, monthly/weekly passes, cash


This lists the different types of types of fares payable by different groups of riders

Adult – Tokens, Tickets, PRESTO, Regular Monthly Pass, etc.

Children – Tickets, PRESTO, cash


This identifies the types of vehicles being used to transport riders

Bus, subway, SRT, streetcar


This indicates by year the number of  riders during a weekday or weekend/holiday


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