311 Toronto

Satisfaction Survey Results

In December 2012, Ipsos-Reid conducted a customer satisfaction survey on behalf of 311 Toronto. Five hundred people who had recently called 311 were surveyed within 48 hours of their interaction with our service. Each caller was asked a series of questions about their interaction with 311 Toronto.

Ninety per cent of survey respondents were satisfied with the 311 service - most of whom (75%) were very satisfied. Customer service representatives also achieved a very high level of customer satisfaction. The overwhelming majority of callers (94%) say they were satisfied with their overall experience with staff. Scores were very high for ability to resolve the request, providing complete and accurate information and explaining the process clearly.

See the full details of the survey (PDF), as provided to 311 Toronto by Ipsos-Reid.

Key performance measures and norms

% Satisfied (Toronto Q4 2012)  % Very satisfied (Toronto Q4 2012)  % Satisfied (311 Norm)  % Very satisfied (Other Contact Centres) 
Overall Satisfaction with 311 90 75 85 n/a
Satisfaction with wait to speak to a rep 92 73 n/a 59
Satisfaction with amount of time on phone with rep 97 80 n/a n/a
Overall Satisfaction with staff 94 82 85 61
Courteousness of staff 98 88 88 77
Knowledge of staff 92 76 83 n/a
Staff's ability to understand your needs 95 84 85 57
Staff's ability to resolve your issue 87 70 76 53
Made their best effort to help /*helpfulness 96 71 85 68

311 Toronto will be undertaking customer satisfaction surveys on a regular basis to ensure it continues to meet the high standards of customer service that Toronto residents, business and visitors expect from the City.

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