Union Station

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and answers about the Union Station Revitalization project.

Is there parking at Union Station?

There is no public parking at Union Station. However, there are several Green "P" public parking lots in the area.

Does Union Station have a lost and found department?

There are three lost and found departments at Union Station. For the City of Toronto lost and found department, call the City Security Unit at 416-338-8000, or see the security desk (temporarily relocated to the York Street Promenade). For GO Transit's lost and found area, located in the GO York Concourse, call 416-869-3600 ext. 7273. For VIA Rail's lost and found department, call 416-956-7639, or see a VIA customer service representative.

Are there lockers at Union Station?

There are no public lockers at Union Station due to security reasons. However, VIA Rail passengers have access to lockers through VIA Rail.

How can I contact station security?

Security is available 24/7 to assist you. Please call the City of Toronto's Union Station Security Control Centre at 416-338-8000 at anytime to request assistance.

Is there a baggage check-in at Union Station?

VIA Rail offers a baggage check-in. Please contact a VIA Rail representative at 888-842-7245 or visit VIA's website for more information.

Where can I buy food or grab a cup of coffee?

The City of Toronto and its retail partner, Toronto Union, are working diligently to bring a variety of food choices to Union Station. Here is a list of the retailers available to date, where to find them, and what's opening soon.

A list of food retailers is available here.

Does Union Station have wireless internet access?

WiFi is available in the VIA Panorama Lounge for VIA One passengers, and is available in the GO York Concourse through Union-TD WiFi.

For the first phase of the Union-TD WiFi project, the wireless network is available in the GO York Concourse and the York Street Teamway. As the service expands, the Union-TD WiFi network will be made available in all publicly accessible areas of Union Station.

Details on how to connect.

Where can I find a list of stores/retailers at Union Station?

A list of the current retailers operating out of Union Station can be found here.

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