Long-Term Vision, Plans and Strategies

City initiatives

The City of Toronto undertakes many long-term initiatives, ranging from the upgrading of sewer infrastructure to the harmonization of urban design guidelines to the replenishing of the city's tree canopy. On this page you will find a listing of the main initiatives, as well as links to other plans and studies.

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Toronto Progress Portal

Toronto measures its performance to identify where we are doing well and where more effort or new approaches are needed. This knowledge strengthens the City's accountability and enhances transparency to everyone.


Union Station

The Union Station revitalization has three objectives: to improve the quality and capacity of pedestrian movement; to restore heritage elements; and to transform Union Station into a major destination for shopping, dining and visiting.

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Waterfront Renewal

Toronto waterfront renewal is the multi-billion dollar long-term plan for environmental improvements, economic activity and overall enhancement of quality of life through development of a designated waterfront area.

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Long Term Waste Strategy

City staff are developing a Long Term Waste Management Strategy for Toronto to provide a framework for solid waste management policy decisions over the next 30 to 50 years.

101 King Street East and 60-70 Colborne Street key map

Official Plan

The Official Plan sets out the vision for where and how Toronto will grow to the year 2031. That's a fairly long time, so it is important to do regular "check-ups" to ensure that the Official Plan is working to fulfill its vision.

Britain Street Boulevard Transformation

Beautiful Streets

The Public Realm unit renews public spaces with the participation of everyone who lives and works in Toronto. The unit works with communities to improve and beautify city streets, paths, roadways, park entrances and community spaces.

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Environmental Action Plans

The City, residents and businesses are working together to make Toronto the most sustainable city in North America. Learn more about our goals, programs and action plans

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Toronto's Emergency Plan

The Emergency Plan details the methods in which the City mobilizes its resources during a crisis. The goal is to respond and reduce the impact of a public emergency and restore the municipality to a normal state as soon as possible.

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Regent Park Employment Plan

Regent Park residents can get one-on-one help with job searching, local employment opportunities, career planning, education and training, and more.

Volunteers helps a homeless man on the street to complete the 2013 Street Needs Assessment survey

Housing and Homelessness

Where to connect to services to help you remain in your home, gain access to subsidized or affordable housing, and get help if you are homeless. Also: information for housing service providers partnering with the City.