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Former City Councillor Jack Layton

Ward 30 Toronto-Danforth

Former City Councillor Jack LaytonJack Layton was a City Councillor for Ward 30: Toronto-Danforth of City of Toronto Council. He served until January 28, 2003, when he resigned his City Council seat after being selected as leader of the federal New Democratic Party.

Dr. Layton became a Member of Parliament in 2004, then Leader of the Official Opposition in 2011.

On August 22, 2011, the Honourable Jack Layton lost a determined and brave battle against cancer.

As Vice President (June 2000), then President (June 2001) of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, he worked to develop climate change response initiatives in Canadian Municipalities and to bring the homeless and housing issue forward as a national problem requiring new partnerships involving all levels of government and communities.

At City Hall, Jack's responsibilities included serving as the President of the unique Toronto Atmospheric Fund, Chair of the Environmental Task Force, Chair of the Council Strategy Committee for People Without Homes, Chair of the Cycling Committee, Vice Chair of Toronto Hydro.

Dr. Layton was also on the Faculty of the Environmental Studies Programme of Innis College at the University of Toronto.

Outside of his municipal involvement, Jack Layton was the principal of a United Nations' award winning public policy and environmental design firm known as the Green Catalyst Group Inc. Jack was also the C.E.O. of the Conservation Strategies Consortium, a partnership of major Canadian firms which developed public policy and programme designs for energy and water efficiency building retrofits in cities including the initiative knows as Toronto's Better Buildings Partnership.

As Co-chair and founder of the White Ribbon Campaign on Violence Against Women, Jack worked to build an international movement involving men in support of the effort by women's organizations against men's violence.

Educated at McGill University and York University, Jack had a Ph.D in Political Economy and taught undergraduate and graduate courses for 23 years at York University, University of Toronto and Ryerson Polytechnical Institute.

Since his election to Council in 1982, Jack Layton served many years in a wide variety of capacities including Acting Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Toronto, Chair of the Toronto Board of Health, Chair of the Economic Development and Planning Committee of Metro and Member of the City Executive Committee, Chair of Metropolitan Toronto's Planning and Transportation Committee, the Advisory Committee on Homeless and Socially Isolated Persons, as well as the 3Rs Task Force.

Jack Layton had given numerous speeches, lectures, papers and presentations as well as writing chapters in books and editing a book of readings on urban issues. Subjects include city government, public policy, Canadian politics, environmental and health promotion policy and public administration. As a broadcaster, he produced and presented extensive radio documentaries on Open College-Ryerson/CJRT-FM and on community cable television (Rogers Cable).