Toronto Green Standard

305 Roehampton Avenue


This Toronto Green Standard Tier 2 building includes:

Bike Storage
Designated bicycle storage areas.

Electrical Vehicle Charging Infrastructure 
Capacity to support 21 charging stations

Green Roof
Combating the urban heat island effect, the green roof at Roehampton will also contribute to managing stormwater and increasing biodiversity in the area.

Rain Water Harvesting
58.6m3 tank – holds 58,600L
A cistern collects water on rainy days and stores the water for future use. The landscaping at Roehampton will be watered using this harvested rainwater.

Water Efficient Fixtures and Fittings
40% better than OBC standards
Specially designed showerheads provide a comfortable shower while using up to 25% less water than a standard showerhead. Toilets in each suite are high-efficiency dual flush models, which encourage reduced water usage and cost savings.

Construction Waste Diversion
87.2% Diverted
Roehampton reduced the amount of construction waste it sent to landfill by implementing a construction waste management plan and working with waste haulers to divert more than 75% of waste construction materials.

Central Heat Recovery System
Each suite is uniquely enhanced with a specialized bathroom fan. The fans in the suites at Roehampton take the heat from the exhaust air and use it to warm up the new incoming fresh air. A central heat recovery system is capable of recovering up to 85% of the heat in the outgoing airstream.

Bird Friendly Glass
Reflectance of sky and trees can cause birds to strike clear glass windows, corridors, main floor lobbies and balconies. The Bird friendly glass at the Roehampton project includes visual markers to help reduce bird collisions. 

Low Emitting Materials
Environmentally friendly underlays, hardwood, ceramic flooring and low-toxicity paints in each suite significantly reduce volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the air.

Multi-Chute Recycling
At Roehampton every floor is equipped with a sealed garbage chute room with a tri-sorter, providing three choices for disposal.



Motion Sensor Lighting|
Roehampton is fully equipped in all areas of the building with motion sensor lighting.  Both interior and exterior lights are activated and automatically turn on with any type of movement.  Motion detection may reduce lighting energy consumption by up to 50% or more.

Efficient Lighting
Each suite is equipped with compact fluorescent lights. These lights last up to 10 times longer and consume less than one-quarter of the energy compared to their incandescent counterparts.

ENERGY STAR® Appliances
ENERGY STAR® appliances are standard in every suite and include stainless steel refrigerator, dishwasher and front-loading washing machine. ENERGY STAR® qualified products use 30% less energy to do the same job as non- ENERGY STAR® qualified products, saving homeowners money while creating fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

Programmable Thermostat
The fully programmable thermostat enables control of the temperature and airflow in your suite. The thermostat allows homeowners to set the temperature to their comfort level when home and adjust for increased energy savings when you are out of the suite over a 7 day schedule.

Sub-metering Utilities
Each suite’s electricity and hot and cold water are individually metered, ensuring that homeowners only pay for their in-suite consumption.