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Flood Reporting Noted by Toronto Water Districts

Flooding calls received by Toronto Water District Operations.
A Service Request is created based on the phone calls 311 and the location is investigated.

There are two types of service requests tracked using the following codes:

Sanitary/Combined sanitary service line blockage is the customer service request for any kind of blockage relating to a property owner’s sanitary/combined service line that is connected to our sanitary/combined sewer main. Typically, a resident is unaware of a blockage and contacts the City about their drain not draining normally, sewage backing up into their basement, and/or their basement flooded. Only upon inspection of a properly installed access point can the City determine the issue and what is blocking/preventing the sanitary/combined service line from flowing.

Created in 2013, as a result of the July 8, 2013 Storm Event, to differentiate a blockage in the sanitary/combined service line from basement flooding as a result of a significant rainfall event.

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