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Donate to Animal Services

When you make a donation to Toronto Animal Services, 100% of your money is used to directly benefit the animals through programs such as spay/neuter, extended veterinary care, shelter enhancements or pet adoption, socialization and enrichment programs. 

How donations are used

ExpandFrankie's story (image may be disturbing)

"Frankie" is an apricot poodle, male, 1-2 years old and small, about 7 lbs. He was found at Rouge River Dr. and Jaguar St. by a Good Samaritan on Christmas Eve. He was outside, by himself, with an elastic band around his nose. Frankie was obviously distressed and very thin due to chronic malnutrition. The elastic had caused severe injury to Frankie's nose and to the tissue inside his mouth.

The Good Samaritan took Frankie to a Veterinary Emergency Clinic in the area and Toronto Animal Services has taken responsibility for him. He was treated for a few days at the Veterinary Clinic and is now continuing his recovery in a foster home. He will likely require surgery to fix the tissue around his muzzle, but he is otherwise recovering and eating well. Despite the horrible abuse that Frankie has sustained, he presents as a happy, pleasant, trusting dog ... heartbreakingly typical of dogs in his situation.

Toronto Animal Services is asking anyone with information about this case to call 416-338-7297

Our donations fund is used to help dogs like Frankie! Please donate towards Frankie's care. 

ExpandCini's story

Cini, a Labradoodle, was only three months old when she was purchased from a popular website. Her new owner had her for only a few days when Cini got hurt. Cini's back leg was badly broken and her owner was not able to provide the proper medical care.

Cini was surrendered to Toronto Animal Services, and was immediately given much-needed medical attention and pain management. After some expensive surgery she is now a very healthy and happy dog.

Unfortunately Cini's story is all too common. Without your donations, Toronto Animal Services would not be able to help animals like Cini. A small donation can make a big difference!


ExpandTwiggy's Story

dog in front of fireplace

On June 27, 2012, Toronto Animal Services received a phone call about a stray dog. The dog, a young un-spayed female, was picked up and brought into the east region shelter where staff named her Twiggy. She was a medium to large dog in height, but at only 19 pounds, she was one of the thinnest dogs the staff had ever seen. She was very sick, pale and depressed, but her appetite seemed normal.

Despite care during her first few days at the shelter, Twiggy's condition worsened. Test results were inconclusive. She was hospitalized on July 4, at Rouge Valley Animal Hospital where she was diagnosed with exocrine pancreatic insufficiency (an inability to properly digest food due to lack of digestive enzymes made by the pancreas). On July 5, she was transferred to Toronto Veterinary Emergency Hospital and Referral Clinic for treatment and further diagnostics. 

With treatment, Twiggy slowly got better. Two weeks after starting treatment, she had gained more than two pounds and was becoming more active. She was discharged from the hospital and placed in a foster home to continue her treatment.

It soon became apparent that Twiggy wasn't walking normally. This had not been noticed earlier because Twiggy had been so lethargic. She didn't appear to be in any pain and other than her walking, her health was improving. Twiggy soon weighed almost 28 pounds – gaining close to 50% of her body weight.

With the added weight, however, it was obvious the issues with her leg needed to be addressed. Twiggy received more tests and an orthopaedic examination. Her veterinarian found that the ligament over her knee was ruptured and her hip joint was dislocated. Twiggy was going to need surgery, but since she wasn't in pain, she would have to get healthier before the procedure could be done.

Finally, in September, Twiggy had surgery. She spent her recovery with her volunteer foster parent and blossomed into a normal, healthy, wonderful companion.

Twiggy's treatment and surgery was made possible by donations made to Toronto Animal Services and the generosity of her volunteer foster parent. Without these two crucial elements, Twiggy would almost certainly have died.

Twiggy's foster family ended up adopting her and making her a permanent member of their home.

You can help dogs like Twiiggy and create more success stories by volunteering to foster animals or donating.

The volunteer foster program provides temporary homes to shelter animals requiring extra care and growth outside of the shelter to prepare them for adoption. Foster parents provide a temporary loving and caring environment for the animal to thrive.

Donations support programs such as spay/neuter, extended veterinary care, shelter enhancements or pet adoptions that can all make the difference between life and death for a shelter animal.  

Consider becoming a foster parent, making a donation or adopting a pet today.


About donations

ExpandWhere do your donations go?

It's all about the animals! 

100% of your donation to Animal Services is used to directly benefit the animals in our care or for spay/neuter programs. No portion of your donation is used to cover administration costs. 

How do your donations help?

Toronto Animal Services receives generous donations every year. Here's a breakdown of how the funds were used in 2016:

    • $87,646.77 was used to provide emergency care at external veterinarians for injured stray pets picked up in the field.
    • $54,793.52 was spent on surgical and medical supplies for the spay/neuter clinic -  to ensure that the animals in our care are getting whatever help they need!
    • $40,269.95 was used to purchase artificial turf for the North Shelter dog park
    • $29,715.01 was used for internal veterinary services 
    • $26,901.94 was used for medical supplies for our shelter animals
    • $25,950.86 was used for a dog behaviour consultant so that we can find the best possible human match for the dogs in our care 
    • $16,918.89 was used for operational expenses for the Spay Neuter Your Pet Truck (SNYP Truck), a new program that launched in 2016 that provides spay/neuter services to residents who may not be able to afford to this for their pet. 
    • $14,975.63 was used for medical equipment for the SNYP Truck
    • $4744.76 was used to purchase traps for the Trap, Neuter Return Program for Feral Cats, so that feral cats can be humanely captured and brought to Toronto Animal Services for surgery
    • $5342.41 was used for advertising and promotions for the Chip Truck, a program that provides micro-chipping to Toronto residents
    • $3589.24 was used for portable adoption cages for events
    • $2732.30 was used for natural gas costs for the feral cat recovery centre - where feral cats go for a few days of rest and relaxation after they are spayed or neutered and before they are released back to their outdoor colony
    • $1570.40 was used for the hydro costs for the feral cat recovery centre 
    • $956.54 was used to pay the Outreach Coordinator for the SNYP Truck

Thank you to Hill's Science Diet!

Each year, Hill's Science Diet provides us with the food we need to feed the dogs and cats in all four shelters. They also provide us with a 5 lb. bag of dog food and 3 lb. bag of cat food to send home with every new dog or cat owner, so that the pet can transition smoothly into his/her new home.


ExpandMake a Donation

Images of 5 animals that can be adopted at Toronto Animal Services

Toronto Animal Services provides care for thousands of unwanted, abandoned or lost animals each year. Your donations support programs such as Spay/Neuter, Extended Veterinary Care, Shelter Enhancements or Pet Adoption, Socialization and Enrichment programs.

When you donate to Toronto Animal Services, 100% of your donation is used to directly benefit the animals. Your support means so much to animals right in your own community.

How to Make a Donation 

Make a donation by:

 Image of figure at computer, donating through online portal

Donate online.

Donate through our online portal.

 Image of telephone

By telephone

Phone 416-338-7387 (PETS) and making a credit card donation.

 Image of envelope

By cheque

Mailing a cheque to Toronto Animal Services, North Animal Shelter, 1300 Sheppard Avenue West, Toronto, Ontario, M3K 2A6.

 Image of cartoon dog in animal shelter

At an animal shelter

In person at a Toronto Animal Services shelter, seven days a week from 10:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Tax receipts are issued for donations of $20.00 or more.  Please note that 35 Spadina Rd is not open to the public and will not accept in-person donations. 

Our Wish List

Food for the animals

  • KMR Kitten Milk Replacement (powder and liquid) for foster parents
  • Esbilac Milk Replacement


Medical Supplies and Equipment

  • digital animal thermometers
  • baby scales (for cat foster program)

Miscellaneous Animal Supplies 

  • new cat litter - clay only
  • new animal nursing bottles
  • wire dog crates (large and extra large)


New Animal Toys and Enrichment

For cats:

  • New Mylar crinkle cat toys
  • New fuzzy mice
  • Stretch & Scratch (in packages of 6, 12, 25 and 30)
  • New feather teaser toys


For dogs:

  • New heavy rubber toys like Kongs
  • New strong rubber squeaky toys



ExpandWe need pet carriers!

Images of 5 animals that can be adopted at Toronto Animal Services

Toronto Animal Services requires donations of pet carriers! We are specifically looking for carriers that would hold a cat or a small dog.

We will accept carriers that are not in the best repair, so if you've got an old (or new!) one that you'd like to donate, please bring it to one of our shelters!