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Smart Address opens at Toronto’s Market Gallery

Smart Address: Art Deco, Style Moderne and Their Contemporaries in Toronto is a City of Toronto Market Gallery exhibition that reveals and explores the city’s architectural history through innovative buildings designed in the 1920s and 1930s.

Through black and white photographs and archival materials, Smart Address shows how this city’s architecture was creatively transformed during this inter-war period.

This change is seen by the inspired use of the rich, vibrant forms of Art Deco, as well as the futuristic and minimalistic Style Moderne in many Toronto buildings such as the Sterling Tower and the Concourse Building.

The exhibit reveals some of the City’s best architectural legacy in their original forms. In recent years, some of these landmark structures have undergone retrofit renovations. A celebrated example of a faithful renovation is The Carlu event space on the 7th floor of College Park.

This exhibition is produced in partnership with The Toronto Architecture Conservancy, the founding and largest branch of the Architectural Conservancy of Ontario. More exhibition and gallery information is available at:

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