Trees Across Toronto

How You Can Help - Volunteer, Donate, Sponsor

Every Tree Counts

Trees are one of the most important features of our natural environment. We need to take action to protect, maintain, and grow our urban forests and natural environment spaces.

We encourage everyone to participate and help increase Toronto’s tree canopy. There are many ways to help keep our trees healthy and grow our urban forests. you can plant a tree in your back yard, add some shrubs to your garden, water and protect the trees you have in your yard already, or help plant trees at our annual spring planting event. You can also make a donation, sponsor our tree planting programs, or volunteer with us.


Individual donations of any amount are welcome!

Cheques should be made payable to “Toronto Parks and Trees Foundation”. Indicate "Trees Across Toronto" on the memo line. Tax receipts will be issued for donations of more than $10. Donations can be made:

Through the Toronto Parks and Trees Foundation.

By Mail
Toronto Parks and Trees Foundation
157 Adelaide Street West, Suite 123
Toronto, ON M5H 4E7

For other opportunities with Toronto Parks and Trees Foundation contact:


Sponsorship benefits

  • Align your organization with an award-winning tree planting program
  • Be instrumental in making Toronto a more livable city
  • Leave a lasting legacy on the City’s landscape and public space
  • Gain high visibility and increase awareness of your company’s corporate name and logo
  • Engage your employees in tree planting events that support team-building and boost workplace morale
  • Reduce your company’s carbon footprint and help reduce greenhouse gas effects
  • Contribute to a cleaner and more beautiful city

Sponsorship flexibility

Numerous opportunities exist to support Trees Across Toronto. We can customize your sponsorship activation to suit your organization’s goals and needs. Organizations that sponsor the City of Toronto’s Trees Across Toronto Program will showcase their commitment to the health and well-being of our city and to sustaining our fragile urban environment. Through your corporation’s participation, you will gain high visibility and increase awareness of your company’s corporate name and logo along highly travelled traffic corridors.

Cash Support

All cash sponsorships and donations are used for the Trees Across Toronto Program. Funds are used toward the purchase of quality native plant species and materials, on-site design fees and labour costs. Cash sponsorships and donations also support the maintenance of newly planted trees for the first two years. This early maintenance helps the tree establish its roots and increases its chance to grow to maturity. After that, only minimal maintenance is required.

In-Kind Support

The Trees Across Toronto program can also use in-kind support and can be negotiated with the Trees Across Toronto team. Some examples of past in-kind support are as follows:

Product - refreshments provided at planting sites the day of the event, shovels, pails, gloves.

Service - advertising & marketing, buck slip mail outs, point of purchase advertising, landscaping, educational materials, brochures, landscaping, tree-planting.

Corporate Matching Gifts

Some organizations match their employee's charitable contributions to programs and events like Trees Across Toronto. Please contact your organization's Human Resources specialist to determine how your company/organization can match charitable contributions to Trees Across Toronto and increase the impact of your individual or group donation.

Volunteer Team Building Support

Along with your organization's cash support of $10,000 or more you may opt to join the annual spring planting event. You can choose from one of five sites to help plant trees on the last Saturday of April. Your groups will be guaranteed a supply of trees to plant, support from the on-site natural environment staff and opportunity to do a great activity together as a team.

To find out more about the City of Toronto Trees Across Toronto Program, or to discuss sponsorship opportunities, please contact:

Trees Across Toronto
Tel: 416-338-5059

The program is designed to ensure that planting can proceed at each urban forest site as soon as sponsorships are confirmed. Plantings occur during two tree planting seasons each year:

Spring: last week of April to end of June
Fall: end of September to end of October

The City has many planting sites currently available to sponsors. If you have a site of your own in mind, please let us know. We will try to accommodate your choice, provided it falls within our guidelines.

Trees Across Toronto Program Accomplishments

  • Recognized with the Award of Merit from the Public Sector Quality Fair 2007
  • Planted over 400,000 trees and shrubs at various sites across the City.
  • Received cash and in-kind sponsorship donations of over $1.5 million.
  • Worked with over 4,000 volunteers annually to plant trees and shrubs.
  • Provided excellent public education and stewardship opportunities.


Volunteer Tree Planting Events

Every spring and fall we organize free weekend volunteer tree planting and stewardship events across the City. For more information on these events and how you can help, visit our volunteer tree planting page for details and event listings.

Residential street planting

Plant a tree on the City portion of your front yard

Plant a Native Species Tree in Your Backyard


Raise funds to sponsor a Trees Across Toronto Program planting location. Please call, 416-338-5059 for more information on fundraising.

Spread the word

Tell your friends, family and community connections about the program. Talk to businesses and corporations in your neighbourhood and urge them to be a sponsor of the Trees Across Toronto Program.

Did you know?

Trees are the lungs of our city. A healthy full grown tree produces about two thirds of the oxygen consumed by a typical person annually.

More than three million trees grace our ravines and natural areas, line our boulevards and beauty our parks.

Trees provide habitat, food and shelter for many birds and animals.

Since the inception of the program, the planting program has received over 1.5 million in cash and in-kind support. Over 400,000 native trees and shrubs have been planted across the city since the beginning of the program.


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