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Former City Councillor Paul Sutherland

Ward 33 Don Valley East

Former City Councillor Paul SutherlandPaul Sutherland was first elected as a Councillor at age 30, in the former City of North York, where he served from 1985 to 1997. He was an integral part of the Budget team and was Deputy Mayor to Mel Lastman from 1994 -1997. Paul was the first Councillor who initiated and successfully implemented a 0 per cent tax increase, for six consecutive years. He also championed North York's first emergency youth shelter - Eva's Place.

In 1997, the Province appointed Paul to the Toronto Transition Team, to oversee the amalgamation of the six former municipalities (and Metro) that now make up the City of Toronto.

Paul was elected to Toronto City Council in 2000, and he continues a long-standing family tradition. Both of his parents, Bill and Betty Sutherland, served as elected municipal representatives of the area for many years.

Throughout his political career, Paul has been outspoken on many diverse issues. He has been a strong advocate for a balanced transportation plan for the City that focuses on all forms of transportation, including public transit and Alternative Fuel vehicles. He has always been very pro-active in bringing attention to the City's mis-management of the homeless problem. While Paul firmly believes that the City must manage its multi-billion dollar annual budget much more effectively, he also recognizes that municipalities need a "fair deal" from the other levels of government.