Frequently Asked Questions

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What you need to log onto MyWaterToronto.

Why do you require so much information to log onto the system?

Similar to online banking, we ask for this information to protect your privacy and to make it difficult for anyone but you to access your account. The fields used to log on are also the same fields used to log onto the Utility Account Lookup, which is another City of Toronto tool that allows you to view your utility account information online. There is a link to the Utility Account Lookup in MyWaterToronto. By using the same log on fields, you can access both tools at the same time. 

How water use is calculated, how to determine if you might have a leak, and more.

How is my water use calculated?

Water use is based on readings from your automated water meter, which sends water use data directly to the City for water meter reading and billing purposes. Small, residential meters send water use data directly to the City every six hours, whereas large accounts that use more water (i.e. commercial, multi-residential) send water meter readings to the City every hour. 

How much water does the average household use?

The average household uses approximately 765 litres of water per day, which equals 0.765 cubic meters (m3). (Census Canada defines the average home as containing three people.)

If you are using more than this amount and have an unexplained increase in your water use, you may have a leak in your private plumbing system. You may also wish to look at your water use behaviour, as well as the appliances and fixtures in your home. Get tips on how to save water at work, home and in the garden.

How do I know if I have a leak in my system?

If you have a leak in your system, you will see your water use increase and remain elevated until the leak is fixed. If you suspect that you have a leak, you can check by turning off your indoor and outdoor water use, and looking at the face of your water meter. If the small red triangle is turning, this means that you are continuing to use water and likely have a leak. Visit our website for more tips to check for leaks.   

How to view different time periods, add in details such as temperature and precipitation, and more.

How do I change what period I would like to view?

There are four ways to change the timeframe. Use the: 

  • drop down menu under “Interval Type”;
  • calendar button to choose a date;  
  • arrows on either side of the graph; or, 
  • + or – button to zoom in or out of a period.

How far back does the data go? / Why are some dates crossed out in red?

Data on your water use has been loaded into the system as of January 1, 2015. This means that data before this date is not available. This will be indicated by a red line. If your automated water meter was installed after January 1, 2015, data will be available starting the date of installation.

What does “First Reading Date” mean?

This is the first water meter reading that has been loaded into the new online water use tool. In most cases, data was loaded starting January 1, 2015. If your meter was installed after this date, your date of installation will be the “First Reading Date”. 

Why can’t I see my water use from today?

Most water meters only receive information four times a day. For this reason, in order to have meaningful information, data is uploaded to the system every 24 hours, causing a one day delay. If you are looking for information on today’s water use, please visit the tool again tomorrow. 

Comments and Suggestions

Your comments and suggestions are welcome and will assist us in continuously improving MyWaterToronto. Please email with your feedback.

For specific inquiries regarding your utility account or bill, please contact 311.