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The Live Green Toronto map makes it easy for you to find and learn about the many places, projects and programs that are greening our city - from green buildings and farmers' markets, to community gardens, renewable energy installations and more, the live green maps puts it all in one place, at your fingertips.

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About the Live Green Toronto Map

The projects and programs included in the map are organized in the following categories:


You may select one or more categories to display on a single map. For more information about what's included in each category, read the full category descriptions, below.


Getting started - helpful tips:

  • To select and unselect categories, check the boxes in the Legend.
  • Each category has sub-categories that can be checked. To expand or minimize a category use the + and – boxes beside each category in the Legend.
  • To read a brief description of an item on the map, click on the icon and a text bubble will appear.
  • To centre the map to a particular location or neighbourhood, enter an address in the search box.
  • To zoom in and out of the map, use the + and – controls on the map. Double clicking on the map also zooms in.
  • If you wish to volunteer, look for the words "Get Involved!" in the text bubble and contact the organization directly.
  • Have fun!


Category descriptions


  • Community shared agriculture programs: Programs that provide members with weekly deliveries of local, seasonal foods for a set fee.
  • Food box programs: Programs that deliver boxes of fresh, local foods to you.
  • Food cooperatives: Member-owned grocery stores that sell organic, local, and fair trade products.
  • Community garden: Food and flower gardens planted and maintained by community members on public property.
  • Farmers market: Markets that sell fresh fruits, vegetables and other foods from local farmers.
  • Good food market: Markets that sell high-quality, affordable fruits and vegetables, operated by FoodShare.
  • Local food program: Programs related to the production and consumption of local foods.


Green Buildings

  • Cool roof: Roofs that help keep buildings cool, reduce energy use, and reduce urban heat by reflecting the sun's rays; some roofs were funded in part through the City's Eco-Roof Incentive Program.
  • EcoSchool: Toronto District School Board's EcoSchools make environmental awareness and action a part of daily life. Find Platinum and Gold EcoSchools.
  • Green roof: Green roofs feature vegetation that helps reduce urban heat and energy use, retain storm water and provide habitat for wildlife; some roofs funded in part through the City's Eco-Roof Incentive Program.
  • LEED certified building: High performance green buildings with LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification.
  • Building retrofit, City of Toronto: City buildings that realized energy savings of more than $10,000 per year.
  • Building retrofit, religious: Religious buildings retrofitted to improve efficiency.
  • Building retrofit, other: Public and private buildings retrofitted to improve efficiency.


Green Energy

  • Bio-energy: Projects that use organic material to generate renewable energy.
  • District energy: Projects that provide cooling and heating to buildings in a particular area or district, through a centrally located thermal network.
  • Geothermal: Buildings that use geothermal systems to regulate temperature.
  • Solar: Projects that feature photovoltaic systems, which convert sunlight into electricity, and solar radiation systems that heat water for domestic use.


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This dataset is available on the City of Toronto's Open Data site.

  • Kids: Eco-friendly alternatives for babies, kids and parents
  • Food: Restaurants, bakeries, cafes, grocery stores, coffee shops that offer a variety of organic and local foods.
  • Fun: Toronto attractions, arts and cultural events and entertainment options that promote fun, green and healthy activities.
  • Home: Environmentally friendly products and services for your home.
  • Specialty: Green consultants, contractors to help you reduce your ecological footprint at home or work.
  • Fashion: Retailers that sell organic, sustainable, vintage and recycled clothing.
  • Travel: Sustainable ways to get around the city.
  • Wellness: Health, wellness and beauty providers of natural products and services.
  • Pets: Green products and services for your pet.
  • Renewable Energy: Services to help you reduce energy use.
  • Garden: Eco-friendly gardening products and services.



  • Tree planting: Find and get involved in a planting project near you.
  • Ecological restoration: Projects that engage communities in restoring natural areas, often operated by staff of the Urban Forestry Unit, City of Toronto.



  • Environmental: Organizations that engage communities in addressing environmental issues and solutions.



  • Cycling organizations: Projects that promote cycling in Toronto.
  • Electric vehicle charging stations: Find a charging station for your electric vehicle.
  • Pedestrian projects: Roads closed to vehicular traffic to assess the impact on pedestrians.
  • Smart Commute workplaces: Organizations that participate in the City's Smart Commute program to help employees green their commute.



  • 3Rs ambassador volunteer program: Multi-family residential buildings in which the 3Rs Ambassador Volunteer Program (an education and outreach program run by the City of Toronto through resident volunteers) helps people reduce, reuse and recycle.
  • Solid waste drop-off depot: Drop off sites for solid waste, operated by Solid Waste Management, City of Toronto.
  • Used clothing/household items drop-off location: Organizations that accept used clothing and household items.



  • Water efficiency projects: Projects that help maintain Toronto's water supply as one of the best in the world.


Open data available:

Download select LGTO Map data through the City of Toronto's Open Data initiative


More layers will be added to Open Data in the future.


Coming soon:

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