Toronto Employment & Labour Market Information (TELMI)

Toronto Employment & Labour Market Information (TELMI)

What is Labour Market Information? Definitions vary. In the broadest sense, it is "information needed to make a labour market decision." However most Labour Market Information or "LMI" out there can be very confusing to people who are not experts in economics or statistics. And something related to LMI of one kind or another seems to be everywhere!

To help people find the information they need in one place, TELMI was created to give people in Toronto a place to do "One-Stop Labour Market Information Shopping." 

How TELMI Can Help

For people looking for career information, a job, education or training there are links to job boards, employment programs and services and employment trends.

For people looking for what's available that will help them get ready for, or to be part of the workforce, there are links to many community and government resources.

For employers looking for programs and services to help them become more competitive, upgrade their employees' skills, make decisions about expanding or relocating, etc., there are links to legislation, trends and employer supports.

For program developers, planners, researchers and providers of employment services, there are links to data, research and analysis, government statements and reports, strategic plans, and trends, forecasts and projections.

To keep up to date with LMI in our fast paced city, TELMI has a news and events section.

Finally, there are LMI tools to help you make the best use of the information out there.


What Kind of Information Do You Need?

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Employers' Resources

Information resources for employers who are starting, managing, and/or growing their businesses.

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Career & Job Seekers

Online resources for people looking for career information, jobs, and education and training programs.

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Community Resources

Learn more about services and social supports available to people living in Toronto.

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Research & Data

Access links to data, research and analysis, government statements and reports, strategic plans, and forecasts and projections that describe current and expected labour market conditions.

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LMI Tools

Links to a variety of online tools and resources that make it easier for people to access and understand labour market information.

News and Events

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