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Former City Councillor Frank Faubert (1932-1999)

Ward 16 Scarborough Highland Creek

Former City Councillor Frank Faubert (1932-1999)Frank Faubert was one of two councillors for Scarborough Highland Creek on the new City of Toronto Council. During his 27 years in public service, Councillor Faubert served as a Scarborough alderman, city controller, councillor, Metro councillor, member of the legislative assembly of Ontario (MPP, Scarborough-Ellesmere) and, most recently, as the seventh and last mayor of the former City of Scarborough. As mayor, Councillor Faubert chaired the Administrative Committee and the Economic Development Committee and was a member of the GTA Mayors Committee, an executive member of the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) and of the National Board of Directors of the the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM).

In addition to his duties as a member of Toronto City Council, which included serving on the Urban Environment and Development Committee, the Economic Development Committee and the World City Committee, Councillor Faubert was a member of the Toronto Zoo Board of Management and the Hummingbird Centre Board of Directors. His primary focus was to represent the residents of Scarborough Highland Creek, but Councillor Faubert also worked on issues relating to economic development, job creation, business retention, tax reform and community safety.

Frank Faubert passed away on June 20, 1999.