Future Parks

New Park at 318 Queens Quay

A satellite view of the proposed area for the park at 318 Queens Quay

A new 9,600m2 (0.96 Ha) waterfront park is being designed at 318 Queens Quay West on Toronto's Central Waterfront. The site is bordered by Queens Quay Blvd to the south, Rees Street to the east, the Gardiner Expressway to the north, and 350 Queens Quay West (a residential condominium) to the West.


Site Background and History

The property was given to the City in 1997 by the Federal Government for the purpose of developing parkland.  The site is part of the 40 acres of land intended for parks and open spaces, as outlined in the Harbourfront Implementation Agreement (HIA) between the Government of Canada, Harbourfront Corp. and the City of Toronto (1992).  The site is currently being leased as a public parking lot by Harbourfront Centre.

Site Context

Under Toronto's Official Plan this land is zoned 'G' and is designated 'Parks and Open Space'. The site also falls within the Central Waterfront Secondary Plan Area, which remains under appeal. Redeveloping the site as a park is consistent with all of the core principles outlined in the Secondary Plan, including:

  • Removing Barriers/Making Connections;
  • Building a Network of Spectacular Waterfront Parks and Public Spaces;
  • Promoting a Clean and Green Environment; and
  • Creating Dynamic and Diverse New Communities.

Creating a park at this location is also consistent with the emerging priorities of the TOCore study currently underway by City Planning, which recognizes the need for additional parks and place-making in growing communities.

The site can be accessed by the Martin Goodman Trail, is situated within walking distance of the Peter Street Slip and Lake Ontario, and is nearby waterfront parks including HTO Park East + West, Toronto Music Garden, Harbourfront Centre, and Spadina/Rees/Simcoe Wave Decks.

Central Waterfront - Wet Weather Flow

The new park will also house an underground vertical storage shaft as part of the Central Waterfront Wet Weather Flow system proposed by Toronto Water. The Wet Weather Flow system is designed to eliminate combined sewer overflow into Toronto's harbour. The 15m diameter shaft will be constructed at a future date, however the new park design will account for this in the concept evaluation and final design proposal. The team will collaborate with Toronto Water through the design process to ensure that all technical requirements are met while Parks design vision and program goals and objectives are not compromised. The resulting new park design will be win-win for city departments and park users alike.

Adjacent Development Application

There is currently a development application on the site abutting the west side of the park at 350-390 Queens Quay West, for a new 29 storey mixed-use building in place of the existing 3 storey building. The proposal also includes additions to the north end of each 21 storey  building for the entire 21-sotrey height. The proposed development would add 343 new residential units to the site. The applicant has appealed the Official Plan Amendment and Zoning By-law Amendment applications to the Ontario Municipal Board.

Find further details on the application.

Future Vision for Park

When completed, the New Park at 318 Queens Quay will serve as a gateway to the extensive park system along Toronto's Waterfront improving the waterfront park experience for area residents and waterfront park users citywide.

The following outlines the anticipated project schedule:

  • Environmental Investigations
  • Stakeholder Consultation
  • Request for Proposals for Design Services
  • Public Consultation
  • Preliminary Design
  • Preferred Concept Site
  • Remediation (as required)
  • Detailed Design
  • On-going Site Remediation (as required)
  • Construction tender

Public Engagement and Consultation

Previous Consultation Events

April 1, 2017

Many thanks to all who attended the first public consultation event, held on Saturday, April 1st, 2017 at the Waterfront Neighbourhood Centre. If you were unable to attend but would still like to provide feedback, please email Kate Nelischer at kate.nelischer@toronto.ca by May 1st, 2017.

Below are the materials shared at the event:

October 2016

In October 2016, a workshop was held with local stakeholder organizations to identify priorities key themes and needs for the future park. It was intended that meeting outcomes would establish preliminary park themes and program to guide discussions at future public events. Collectively, all public input and meeting outcomes will inform the call for design services.

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