Backflow Prevention Program

BFP Program Forms

Backflow Prevention Device Test Form

  • The Backflow Prevention Test Reports are to be submitted to the City of Toronto (Environmental Monitoring & Protection Unit), by the owner of an industrial, commercial, institutional (ICI) or multi-residential property (of 5 units or more) after initial installation, repair, replacement, relocation, servicing, overhauling, and thereafter annually (i.e. within 12 months of initial test). For more information please see the Water Supply Bylaw Municipal Code Chapter 851.
  • This test form is for reporting tests on premise isolation devices only.
  • The form shall be signed by an authorised person and the facility owner.
  • Incomplete test reports will be rejected and treated as non-compliance with the City of Toronto Water Supply By-law.
  • Copies of completed test reports shall also be kept on the premises by the building owner for inspection purposes.
  • Testers must use the current version of Test Report forms.
  • New! Download a copy of the City's new PDF fillable test report.
    • Please note that the old form (PDF) will continue to be accepted during implementation of the new format.

Backflow Prevention Device Survey Form

  • A Backflow Prevention Survey Report describes a facilities’ water service connection(s), any premise isolation BFP devices, piping and system setup, any non-city water sources; and all other backflow-relevant information.
  • The form shall be signed by an authorised person and the facility owner.
  • A copy of completed survey form shall be kept by the building owner for inspection purposes.
  • Surveyors must use the current version of Survey forms.
  • Download the survey form (Excel | PDF)

    Note: If a "Security Warning Macros have been disabled" window pops up asking you to enable the ActiveX option, please click "Options" and select "Enable this content" before completing the form.

Backflow Prevention Device Test Tags

A Test Tag Template has been provided to supply information as to what information must be found on the tag. It is encouraged that testers/Installers have their own tags made with their company logo and phone number but ensure that all of the required information found on the original template is present.

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The preferred method for submission is to send the test report or survey form by e-mail, using the City's form provided. You can scan and send the completed form to The report can also be sent by mail or by fax. Please be advised that sending personal information by fax or email is not a secure means of transmission. Information is considered personal if it contains an owner's home address (i.e., not a place of business).

To submit documents by mail, send to:

Backflow Prevention Program 
Toronto Water 
275 Merton Street
Toronto, Ontario M4S 1A7

By fax, send to: 416-696-3641