Customer Service Standards

Fire Services – Customer Service Standards

Toronto Fire Services provides high quality, safe, efficient, effective and caring emergency response along with fire prevention and education services to those who live in, work in and visit Toronto in order to:

  • Protect life, property and the environment from the effects of fire, illness, accidents, natural disasters and all other hazards

  • Enhance fire and life safety, and raise community awareness about all hazards

  • Pursue the acquisition and use of the most effective technology, equipment and resources to ensure performance in a competent and professional manner

The division delivers its services through three main areas:

  • Fire rescue and emergency response:

    Provide professional and effective patient care at every medical response and/or assistance to other emergency services or the public. During every emergency scene such as motor vehicle accidents, home or building fires, rescue operations or entrapments and hazardous materials calls, due care and diligence will be provided to minimize further damage, or loss of life.

  • Fire prevention:

    Fire Prevention staff are committed to ensuring the safety of the public as their primary focus, by reducing the potential of fire in Toronto through education and awareness. A primary responsibility is to enforce the fire prevention regulations of the City of Toronto and the Province of Ontario.

  • Fire safety education:

    Fire Services is committed to ensuring that all members of the public are made aware of information to assist in helping those to make sound decisions when considering life safety in the home to protect their families and outside their homes. Ongoing is the pursuit to educate young and old from elementary school aged children to senior citizens living on their own or in a retirement residence.

To deliver efficient and effective customer service, Toronto Fire Services will conduct itself in the following manner:

  • Tiered Emergency Response - A quarterly review, assessment or action will be conducted with actions taken as necessary on matters arising from tiered response. If there is a need for immediate action, a review will be conducted as needed.

  • Operations and Emergency Response – Operations and Emergency Response - Review, assessment or action of general operations and response matters at regular senior staff meetings. If there is a need for immediate action, a review will be conducted as needed.

  • Nuisance and Malicious False Alarm review - A review will be conducted at the request of homeowners. Investigation time to completion shall be 30 days.

  • Complaint Process – Each complaint received will be investigated and action taken as necessary. These steps reflect the City's complaint handling procedure of informal resolution, log, assess, investigate, resolve. Response time targets will be prioritized based on the severity, seriousness and complexity of the complaint.

  • Quality Assurance/Business Intelligence – An ongoing monitoring, review, assessment of the Communications Centre and Operations Division, such as response protocols, dispatch and response times will be conducted and action taken as necessary.


Corporate Service Standards

The City's corporate online, email and telephone service standards support the delivery of exceptional, equitable and accessible customer service.